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Rome burned in 64 AD! Emperor Nero was quickly suspected of being at the source of this devastating disaster. To distract from this suspicion, he in turn blamed the still young Jewish sect of the Christians. 

Why was this group the perfect "scapegoat"? Why were the Christians unable to fit into the tolerant religious structure of the Roman Empire? The exhibition will answer these questions by first explaining the religio romana and comparing early Christianity to it.

The very varied regional and situational phases of the persecution of Christians are illuminated based on the ordeals of the apostles Peter and Paul in Nero's time. 

The topicality of this subject is pointed out by comparing the pogroms of Antiquity to the current situation of religious persecution.

The exhibition shows archaeological objects and models, as well as medieval and modern illustrations of Christian martyrs from important collections in Germany and other European countries. 

Dish with martyr between two lions
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